PCL Conversion Solutions

PCL Software Development Kit (SDK)

Since 1993, PageTech has specialized in developing HP® PCL® print-stream transformation, Intellifont® and TrueType™ Typeface font utilities and other PCL software solutions. Our core technologies are incorporated into PCLTool SDK which can parse, index, split, streamedit, view and convert PCL to PDF and other raster and vector formats.

PCL to PDF Conversion Diagram

The best applications start with quality tools


    PCLTool creates 5-10 times smaller PDF files, with searchable text using our exclusive JBIG2 raster compression option. We can convert download bitmap fonts into scalable TrueTypes for embedding into PDFs when converting to vector PDFs.

  • Fast and Accurate PCL Conversion

    PCLTool SDK is the fastest and most accurate converter of PCL3 thru PCL6/XL!

  • Power and Flexibility

    PCLTool SDK is available in five powerful configurations. Each option is designed to give developers the flexibility to choose the tools they need based on the composition of their PCL and application requirements.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    PCLTool SDK employees best-in-class PCL technologies such as Text Searchable PDFs, UTF8 Text Extraction, JBIG2 Compression & PDF/A format.

PCLWorks Program

PCLWorks Program was developed for end-users looking for a PCL conversion solution that is powerful, but also easy-to-use.

Built from the PCLTool SDK codebase, PCLWorks provides a subset of essential PCLTool SDK GUI-Only programs that can view, convert, print, debug, and analyze PCL print streams.

view, convert, print, debug, and analyze PCL with PCLWorks GUI