Thank you for your interest in PCLTool SDK. Our LIVE Evaluation is really the live product including all five SDK options, full documentation, full functionality (with some minor exceptions), sample scripts and sample C, VB and VB .NET source code.

Any incompatibilities found during the testing of our Live Evaluations should be brought to our attention PRIOR TO PURCHASE of PCLTool SDK.

  • Watermarked Output: All pages that are viewed or converted are watermarked
  • Page Limit: 300K pages in 30-days
  • PCL Conversion Restrictions: No Straight PCL to EMF, EMF-RAW (Multi-Page), WMF or PMF conversions.
  • No API Functions Prototyping: Developers are not allowed to write custom programs using our API’s with the eval. We prefer to establish a technical dialog before we allow developers to write any custom code.
  • No Overlay File Function: Custom PCLXForm .tpt script programs enabled, without the OverlayFilename= function. (We use it for demo watermarking output).

Our SDK Live Evaluation is different from our competition in several ways:

  • Compatibility and Customer Support: Test your PCL with the EVAL or take advantage of our FREE Pre-Sales Analysis.
  • No Bull: Straight answers without the usual story that we can meet your sophisticated application requirements involving complex PCL with a simple command line program.
  • No Font Guessing or Substitution: When the correct font cannot be determined we use a WingDing character to let you know that a custom font map or something else is required.
  • Iron-Clad Refund Guarantee: 30-day refund guarantee and a temporary runcode.

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